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The Godfather Of Funk Is Getting His Own Biopic With Eddie Murphy, And The Casting Seems Perfect

[ad_1] Since the late 1960s, musician George Clinton has led the Parliament-Funkadelic, the funk music collective that boosted the genre’s popularity and has earned numerous accolades over the decades, including winning Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2019. Well, word’s come in that Clinton is getting his own biopic, and there’s some groovy casting underway, with […]

Michael Bay Admits He Made Too Many Transformers Movies, Recalls When Steven Spielberg Told Him To Stop

[ad_1] While some may know Michael Bay best for blockbusters like Bad Boys and Armageddon, there are plenty of people who mainly associate him with the Transformers movies. Bay directed the first five installments in the robots in disguise’s film series, and while all those movies each pulled in more than $500 million worldwide, critical […]

Chris Rock Gets ‘Misty’ At First Set After Oscars Incident, Addresses Those Who Came To Hear About The Slap

[ad_1] The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences was probably really hoping that several days later people would still be talking about the Oscars, but the reasons the Academy Awards are still a topic of conversation are likely not what anybody was hoping for. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is still a major topic […]

Demi Moore, M. Night Shyamalan, Jamie Lee Curtis And More Speak Out After Bruce Willis’ Retirement Is Announced

[ad_1] After an acting career that’s spanned decades and media of all types, action/comedy legend Bruce Willis has decided to retire. Through a statement from his family, it was revealed that the decision was made based on the fact that Bruce has had health issues connected to a diagnosis of aphasia. In the wake of […]

Was Will Smith Asked To Leave The Oscars Or Not? A New Report Is Calling Out The Academy’s Story

[ad_1] Deliberations on an official reaction to Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock continues, as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is currently evaluating the situation. As the Oscars’ governing board announced “disciplinary proceedings” were underway, the claim was made that Smith was asked to leave the ceremony after the incident, but refused. […]

Two Years After Cancer Diagnosis, Jeff Bridges Gives An Update And Thanks Cast And Crew On His Latest Project For Working With Him

[ad_1] In October of 2020 Jeff Bridges announced to the world that he had been diagnosed with cancer. His fans were obviously shocked but the actor seemed to keep his famously upbeat outlook following the announcement. And now two years later, with Bridges’ long-delayed FX series finally on the verge of debuting, Jeff Bridges still […]

See Tom Felton Back In Potter World (And Rocking A Sharp Suit) At The Premiere Of Fantastic Beasts 3

[ad_1] The world of Harry Potter has entertained the public for decades, and J.K. Rowling’s magical world has become ingrained in the pop culture landscape. The Fantastic Beasts franchise has been occupying theaters for years now, with the new sequel The Secrets of Dumbledore set to be released shortly. And Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton […]

Dad Of Teen Who Died In Amusement Park Ride Fall Shares Story About Learning What Happened On Social Media

[ad_1] Tragedy struck a theme park in Florida’s Icon Park, resulting in the death of a guest after falling a great height from an attraction. Now The father of the teenage boy who died in a recent amusement park ride fall has shared his story about learning what happened via a social media video.  In […]

Dune’s Denis Villeneuve Teases The Challenges That Are Coming With The Timothée Chalamet Sequel

[ad_1] Co-writer/director Denis Villeneuve’s greatest challenge when making Dune was to ensure Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic found an audience that would crave a return to that universe. That bar was more than cleared when the film properly known as Dune: Part One debuted to impressive returns and fan based hype, which put the anticipated but […]