The Godfather Of Funk Is Getting His Own Biopic With Eddie Murphy, And The Casting Seems Perfect


Since the late 1960s, musician George Clinton has led the Parliament-Funkadelic, the funk music collective that boosted the genre’s popularity and has earned numerous accolades over the decades, including winning Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2019. Well, word’s come in that Clinton is getting his own biopic, and there’s some groovy casting underway, with funnyman Eddie Murphy being lined up to play the Godfather of Funk.

With Eddie Murphy reportedly describing this George Clinton biopic as a “passion project,” the actor is in early talks to star in the upcoming movie. Murphy will also produce alongside John Davis and Catherine Davis from Davis Entertainment, and the trio is currently working to secure the rights to tell Clinton’s story in a cinematic setting. Once that’s accomplished, then they’ll start meeting with writers and look for a place to set up the project.

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