Dune’s Denis Villeneuve Teases The Challenges That Are Coming With The Timothée Chalamet Sequel


Co-writer/director Denis Villeneuve’s greatest challenge when making Dune was to ensure Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic found an audience that would crave a return to that universe. That bar was more than cleared when the film properly known as Dune: Part One debuted to impressive returns and fan based hype, which put the anticipated but never guaranteed sequel into the works. Returning to the world of Timothée Chalamet’s warrior ways poses even greater obstacles ahead for Villeneuve, which includes Villeneuve’s strategy on how to discuss the future properly.

Don’t expect too many details about what’s in store for Dune: Part Two though. While ET Canada did get Denis Villeneuve to lay down a taste of what’s in store, it’s very vague. You can’t really blame the man, as the director also known for Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 gave the following reasons for being so tight lipped about the future: 

I cannot say nothing about the movie – I don’t like to talk about projects as I am doing them – but it’s probably going to be the biggest challenge of my career, again, because it’s even more complex than Part One.

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