Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock On Stage At The Oscars And The Internet Exploded


The 2022 Oscars had quite a few laughs and jokes throughout the night, but even the best jokes can result in hurt feelings. Chris Rock learned that the hard way when he sent an out-of-pocket joke Jada Pinkett Smith’s way and heard about it from Will Smith. The Oscar-nominated actor didn’t take too kindly to the comedian mocking his wife and dropped an f-bomb over it. 

The internet is all up in arms and confused after Will Smith’s reaction to Chris Rock’s joke. Rock made a brief comment about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair, saying he couldn’t wait for GI Jane 2, apparently making a reference to Pinkett’s shaved head. Smith approached the stage and slapped Rock, in a moment that seemingly surprised the comedian. As the two carried on, people took to Twitter wondering what in the hell just happened. 

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