Why Keanu Reeves’ Movies Are Being Pulled From China


The last several years have been particularly good for Keanu Reeves’ public profile, from his continued run as John Wick and playing Ted Logan again nearly three decades after the last Bill & Ted movie, to more people simply learning that he’s an all-around great human being. However, if you’re a Reeves fan and live in China, bad news: a lot of his movies are being pulled from the country’s streamers.

Earlier this month, Keanu Reeves participated in a benefit concert for Tibet House, a nonprofit organization in New York that’s affiliated with Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. The Chinese government doesn’t recognize Tibet’s claim to independence, and weeks after Reeves’ participation in this concert, The Los Angeles Times reports that China’s streaming services have removed the majority of the actor’s movies from their respective libraries.

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