Where Has Jason Segel Been Since Leaving Hollywood?


For years, Freaks and Geeks alum Jason Segel has been known for starring in rom-com films like I Love You, Man and successful TV shows like How I Met Your Mother. Considering the series finale of How I Met Your Mother aired back in March 2014, Segel has not been tied down to the world of Tinseltown for quite some time. Now, Segel shares where he’s made his home since leaving Hollywood.

While some actors may be all for the glitz and glam of celebrity life, Jason Segel definitely is not one of them. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Segel revealed that he’s experiencing small-town living and opened up about what he enjoys about it:

I really like being in a small town. Like, I go to the high school football games and stuff and eat a sandwich, which I didn’t know if you could do without kids, but you can. And I go to the Christmas play in town and I wait outside and ask little kids to sign my playbill. It’s really fun. I love it. [The kids in town] have no idea who I am.

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