Was Taylor Lautner Almost Fired From Twilight Before New Moon? Here’s What His Co-Star Says


In the first Twilight movie, Taylor Lautner had a pretty small, introductory part as the boy who had a crush on the film’s protagonist Bella. His role would get bigger in the best-selling book series turned film franchise as part of the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle. But was there a possibility that Lautner would not have been the actor to carry that out for the rest of the series? One of his co-stars recently talked about the rumors that circulated about Taylor Lautner almost being fired from Twilight before New Moon was made.

There was a time when rumors swirled about whether Taylor Lautner would continue his role as Jacob in New Moon. Insider Ashley Greene, who played Edward’s foster sister Alice in the series, spoke on her podcast “The Twilight Effect” about the rumors regarding the Abduction actor’s future. 

I don’t remember if they had someone actually waiting in the wings, but I do remember there being discussions on whether or not he could transform into what he needed to be.

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