Top Gun: Maverick Video Shows The Insane Flight Training Tom Cruise And Company Went Through


Any Tom Cruise fan will tell you that the actor is an adrenaline junkie who is fully committed to every stunt he performs. Returning to the cockpit for Top Gun: Maverick was no different. Becoming Maverick once again allowed him to take the high-flying flight stunts of the original film up a notch. But it wasn’t just Cruise who needed to be flight-ready, as his co-stars needed to learn the ropes about fighter jets. With the sequel only weeks away from its debut, a new video showed the insane flight training the Top Gun actor and company went through.

With the Hollywood icon serving as the star and producer, he wanted to make sure he and the cast were prepared to pull off the realistic aviation scenes. The Mission: Impossible stalwart recruited the Navy and the real-life Top Gun School to help conduct that goal. He delved into how the specific plan came together before filming started.

We worked with the Navy and the Top Gun School to formulate how to shoot it practically because if we’re going to do it, we’re going to fly in the F-18s.

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