There’s Another Michael Jordan Project Coming, And This Time Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Are Involved


The Last Dance took the world by storm as fans (and detractors) got to see Michael Jordan’s journey with the Chicago Bulls in a different light. With all this renewed interest in the basketball legend, it was only a matter of time before another project as likely to pop up. This time, Hollywood besties Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will bring another take on the former basketball player to the big screen.

THR reported that the upcoming film will be a biopic based on the story of former Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro with a story connected to His Airness. In the flick, Damon will star as the former marketing executive while Affleck playing the supporting role of Nike co-founder Phil Knight. This will be the first film for the friends since reuniting in last year’s The Last Duel.

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