The Oscars Somehow Managed To Make The Omitted Categories Controversy Super Confusing


In the run-up to this year’s Oscars ceremony, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences made a controversial call. It was announced that awards in eight categories would be given out prior to the telecast, and while the goal of the move was to try and address the annual complaint regarding the show running too long, it earned boos and hisses from movie-fans around the globe – with filmmakers like Denis Villeneuve and Steven Spielberg calling out the decision as disrespectful to key parts of the craft.

Now that the telecast is actually airing, however, the decision has gone from being anger-inducing to super confusing. This is because the awards and acceptance speeches are still playing during the ceremony, albeit airing as moderately edited pre-recorded bits that are played on a screen to the audience in the room for the live show.

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