The Offhanded Way Chris Rock Addressed Will Smith’s Oscar Slap In Stand-Up Act


It might be hard to believe, but we’re only a couple days shy from a month since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. With talk around the incident settling into dull roar, and The Academy’s official punishment arriving in Smith’s decade-long ban from the ceremony, we might see this matter fade into the background at last. At least, that’s until Chris Rock decides to fully address the event’s aftermath, which seems ever closer after his offhanded remarks about that infamous moment this past weekend.

Performing to a sold out crowd in Baltimore last Friday, Rock apparently opened his set with a nod to the Oscar slap. In attendance was reporter Annie Rose Ramos from WJZ, a local CBS affiliate. Sharing these remarks through her Twitter feed, Ramos noted the following brief joke Chris Rock used to poke fun at this already much-discussed event: 

First 30 seconds Rock walks out and says “I’m alright I’m alright…healed from the nicks and bruises…for the most part” then doesn’t mention slap for entire 1.5 hr hilarious show.

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