The Northman’s Alexander Skarsgård Reveals Why He Got So Ripped For The Role


2022 has been full of some pretty awesome new release films, and there are plenty more to come. The Northman is one film I’ve been looking forward to seeing, and ahead of the film’s theatrical release star Alexander Skarsgård has opened up about getting super ripped for the role of the Viking prince/berserker. While the actor has certainly looked good shirtless for practically decades, there is a bigger reason why he had to go extra hard on sculpting some muscle mass for The Northman.

Alexander Skarsgård has been open in the past about being type-cast as the “Dude who takes his shirt off” in films and how it may have led to him losing out on roles. While he certainly seems to take his shirt off a good amount in The Northman if the promo material is anything to go off of, it sounds like he had to go above and beyond in getting his body ready for his shirtless scenes in The Northman.

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