The Northman Reviews Are In, And People Are Going Nuts For Alexander Skarsgård


Director Robert Eggers’ third feature film The Northman (which follows The Witch and The Lighthouse) is by far his biggest yet. With its $90 million budget and A-list cast — led by Alexander Skarsgård — the film is a combination of historical epic and revenge thriller that left its star “truly a wreck.” All of the above is why this one is so highly anticipated. Critics had the opportunity to screen The Northman, and they had plenty of strong opinions about the movie, and Skarsgård in particular, to help us decide if we’ll be heading to the theaters when this movie premieres April 22. 

Critics’ first reactions were overwhelmingly positive for the film that stars Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke, Claes Bang, Björk, and Willem Dafoe alongside Alexander Skarsgård’s warrior prince. They said The Northman is Robert Eggers’ most accessible film yet and the critics were captivated by the tale of revenge. Let’s dive a little deeper and see what their reviews say, starting with CinemaBlend’s review. Eric Eisenberg rates The Northman 4.5 stars of ferocious excellence. He says while the cast is full of surprises and treats, this is Alexander Skarsgård’s show, and he is impressive:

The unrelenting nature of The Northman could be a total turnoff that makes you just want to run to the closest shower, but a huge part of the film that keeps its hooks in you is Alexander Skarsgård’s performance. Given what we’ve seen from him over the course of his career, it was really only a matter of time before a big screen project came along that would let him fully show off his dramatic skills, and his turn here grabs your attention like a wolf growling and bearing its teeth five inches from your face. He wholly embodies the Viking prince, and it’s both a phenomenal and scary thing to see.

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