Sylvester Stallone Opens Up About Why The Sixth Rocky Film Is The ‘Toughest Challenge’ He’s Ever Faced


Talks of another true Rocky sequel have been swirling around for a while now, as Sylvester Stallone has teased and trolled the fans with ideas. While 2015’s Creed helped reignite the franchise, one could argue that 2006’s Rocky Balboa truly helped to kick off this new era for the property. The sixth installment served as a comeback for both the titular character and the series as a whole, after the disappointment of 1990’s Rocky V. Stallone holds a special place in his heart for Balboa and, more than a decade after its release, the actor is opening up about why the movie represents the “toughest challenge” he’s ever faced.

The Creed II actor was incredibly nostalgic when he took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes look at a training session for Rocky Balboa. He went all-in for the movie, and not just from a physical standpoint. In his post, he discussed just what it took to get the sequel made in the first place:

I love the sixth installment. It was the toughest challenge I ever had. Took over 12 years to make happen… No one wanted to make it. Absolutely no one. It was considered a joke. But in my heart I loved the idea and thought if I’m going to go out, I want to go out making this movie. Even though no one involved with the other previous productions wanted anything to do with it , and it finally made against all odds!!!

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