Spirit Halloween Is Moving Out Of Abandoned Stores And Into Theaters For Brand New Horror Film


You know about Spirit Halloween, right? It’s that pop-up retailer that takes up empty store space to sell costumes and other Halloween-related products during the fright-filled season, then leaves when all the trick or treating and costumed shenanigans are done. Well, later in 2022, Spirit Halloween will be getting more than just retail attention from its 1,425 locations across North America, as a horror movie centered on the store chain is on the way. 

The Spirit Halloween chain has partnered with with Strike Back Studios, Hideout Pictures and Particular Crowd to deliver a feature-length Spirit Halloween movie that, while packed with scary elements, is intended to be a family offering. The story will follow three middle school-aged friends who make a dare to spend the night locked in a Spirit Halloween store located in a deserted strip mall. Unfortunately, the trio soon learns that this store is haunted by an angry spirit that’s possessed the creepy animatronic characters, resulting in them having to embark on a spooky adventure to survive the night and avoid becoming possessed themselves.

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