Should Two Movie Productions Have Been Put On Pause After Will Smith Resigned From The Academy? The View’s Ana Navarro Explains


Sometimes it can take one action for everything to change in your life. Oscar-winning Will Smith has had his career hanging by a thread ever since the evening of the 94th Academy Awards when he slapped Chris Rock on stage. This followed a number of changes in his career, including two of his upcoming movies hitting setbacks. The View’s Ana Navarro has her own take on whether or not two of Will Smith’s movie productions should have been put on pause after he Smith resigned from The Academy.

Before the fiasco in the midst of the 2022 Academy Awards winners  being announced, Will Smith was set to headline a thriller for Netflix called Fast & Loose , and Bad Boys 4 was also on the way. Now both those projects have his the pause button. Co-host Ana Navarro spoke on The View about whether or not she feels like one moment should define this actor’s career, saying:

He’s had over 30 years of a career where he’s had a very positive image, been a positive role model. He’s been very philanthropic. He’s done all sorts of things. None of us should be judged by our worst moment. We should be judged by our entire career. And yes, this is going to be with him the rest of his life. This is going to be on his obituary. This is not going away. But should it define his life? Should it define his career? No, absolutely not.

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