Shaq Shares What He’s ‘Hearing On The Streets’ About What Happened Between Will Smith And Chris Rock At The Oscars


While the Academy Awards always include a few viral moments, the 2022 ceremony was on another level entirely. This was mostly due to the infamous slap that occurred late into the night, with Will Smith walking on stage and slapping presenter Chris Rock on live television shortly before accepting the Best Actor Oscar. The discourse surrounding that event has been non-stop, and not Shaq has shared what he’s hearing “on the streets” about what happened between Smith and Rock at the Oscars.

The already infamous slap occurred as Chris Rock was presenting the Best Documentary Feature category, and making a few jabs at the celebrities in the audience. But when he took aim at Jada Pinkett Smith’s appearance (specifically her short hair), a physical altercation with Will Smith eventually followed. Shaq has his own opinion on the subject, and it relates back to Rock’s hosting of the Oscars back in 2016. According to the legendary athlete, Smith had asked the comedian to stop making jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith back then. He’s shared thoughts on his podcast called The Big Podcast with Shaq, offering new context by saying:

I’m hearing from the streets that Will seen [Chris] and said, ‘Hey man, chill out on that. Hahaha, let it go.’ And Chris kinda blew him off. But still, if somebody [is] blowing me off, I got him in that foul. Now, I’ve always said that a man’s job is to PPL. If you go back to the tape, because you know I like to be my own detective, Will laughed. … he laughed and then Jada did like this. [makes face] That’s when the PPL kicks in. Because all you married guys know, unhappy wife, unhappy life. Now, that he saw Jada uncomfortable, he was like, ‘I’m probably going to have to deal with this at home. I told that boy to chill out, and now, he’s disrespecting me. He went up and did what he had to do.

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