Seth MacFarlane, Jon Stewart And More Pay Tribute To Gilbert Gottfried Following The Actor’s Death


On April 12, Gilbert Gottfried passed away at the age of 67, and the public has been honoring the man with all kinds of tributes and recollections. For instance, many have been revisiting a photo of Gottfried with Bob Saget and Louie Anderson, taking note of how bittersweet seeing the three of them together now since Saget died on January 9 and we lost Anderson on January 21. Many celebrities, including Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and fellow comedian Jon Stewart, have also shared their own tributes to Gottfried over the last few days.

In Seth MacFarlane’s case, he had the opportunity to work with Gilbert Gottfried on several occasions, including the actor/comedian providing his vocal talents for a couple Family Guy episodes, as well as appearing as Abraham Lincoln in A Million Ways to Die in the West. MacFarlane specifically referenced the 2014 movie while commenting on Gottfried’s passing:

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