See The Funny Moment When A-Rod’s ESPN Co-Star Trolled Him Over JLo’s Engagement To Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and the “Bennifer” fanbase who ship them are in a time of celebration. The Hollywood couple is now officially engaged for the second time, following more than a decade apart, and interestingly, that green engagement ring has some personal meaning for the actress. It came out that Affleck actually popped the question whilst she was in the bathtub of all places. However, what’s even funnier than the proposal location is how JLo’s ex-fiancé A-Rod got trolled over the exciting news by his ESPN co-star.

Nothing like a co-worker busting your chops on live TV, eh? During the debut segment of the Kay-Rod broadcast on ESPN2, the Boston Red Sox were up by one on the New York Yankees, and so too was Michael Kay getting a one-up on A-Rod, apparently. Kay casually mentioned how it was a “happy time” in the world, given how people were “getting engaged.” Wink, wink. He never explicitly mentioned Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez by name, but the MLB icon certainly caught his drift. See the hilarious and slightly awkward moment, per Entertainment Tonight, below:

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