See Kerry Washington Flawlessly Recreate Reese Witherspoon’s Iconic Pool Scene From Legally Blonde


In the years since Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde hit theaters, many fans have felt inspired to recreate iconic moments from the comedy. Of course, one of the standout scenes is Elle Woods’ Harvard University video essay, during which she makes her appeal for admittance to the institution’s law school. What made the scene so iconic, though, is that Woods records herself from a pool. While fans have mimicked the scene multiple times, one new recreation may strike a different chord, as Witherspoon’s Little Fire Everywhere co-star, Kerry Washington, did a flawless take on it.

Of course, viewers know how close the actresses are, as they were friends even before they starred in and produced the Hulu miniseries. So Kerry Washington’s homage to the classic rom-com shouldn’t be a tremendous surprise. The Scandal actress did her best Elle Woods impression as she floated in her pool. You can see how her Legally Blonde recreation compared to Reese Witherspoon’s original scene by checking out Washington’s Instagram post down below:

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