Sandra Bullock Reveals The Sweet Reason She Asked Daniel Radcliffe For An Autograph While Working With Him On The Lost City


You normally see celebrities make a fan’s day by signing an autograph for them. However, co-stars are also in favor of the autograph treatment as well. While working with Daniel Radcliffe on The Lost City, Sandra Bullock actually asked him for his autograph for a very sweet reason.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during The Colbert Questionert segment, Sandra Bullock answered a few questions such as “Have you ever asked someone for their autograph?” Her answer happened to be her co-star Daniel Radcliffe. She explains she got the autograph for her sister as a birthday present because she’s a huge Harry Potter fan and she also wanted an autograph for her own kids as well.

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe. For my sister and for the kids. But it was my sister’s birthday and she is a huge Harry Potter fan, so I got her an autograph.

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