Ryan Reynolds Calls Out Hugh Jackman On Earth Day, And He Has Another Feud-Worthy Response


The (faux) feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is essentially the stuff of legend at this point. The two X-Men alums have been going at it for years, with each star throwing zingers at the other on any given occasion. Earth Day sparked their latest exchange, as Reynolds called out his frenemy in a social media post. And the always-witty Jackman humorously clapped back with a great response. 

Ryan Reynolds posted a video to his Instagram story on Earth Day, April 22, during which he challenged his followers and fellow celebrities Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa (who were tagged in the post) to replace a habit in their lives with a method that’s environmentally friendly. The Deadpool star vowed to cut out all plastic and single-use bottled water. With the latter, he promised to utillize a reusable metal bottle.

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