Robert Downey Jr. Dressed As The Easter Bunny Again For More Holiday Shenanigans, And I Can’t Look Away


Another Easter has arrived and with it comes a cavalcade of videos and images from Internet users who are sharing how they and their loved ones celebrate the holiday. Some people enjoy the occasion a bit differently from others, though. Take Robert Downey Jr. for example,, who once used the day to dress up like a bunny and hop around. It’s a moment that’s since been immortalized within the interwebs, and the star is now adding that legacy. For his 2022 celebration, Downey once again donned a costume for more holiday shenanigans and, quite frankly, I can’t look away. 

Some of you probably need a bit of context on the situation. Well, it was in 2016 that the former Iron Man star (who has also dressed as a piñata) initially wore the fluffy getup and proceeded to bounce around, with animals watching on. There was a method to the star’s apparent madness, though, as his comedic actions were captured in an Omaze video announcing his charity, Random Act Funding. Since then, the actor has occasionally reshared an image from the moment every year, and it’s also earned some notoriety within the world of meme culture. 

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