Razzies Rescind Bruce Willis’ Award This Year After Aphasia Diagnosis, Backlash Over Tweet


The Golden Raspberry Awards (or the Razzies) are the one time of year when the film industry gets called out for dropping box office flops and critically ravaged films. It’s usually all fun and games as Hollywood and actors either shy away from or embrace it. This year, the awards show dedicated an entire category to Bruce Willis based on his 2021 output, which he won for the sci-fi film Cosmic Sin. But following the actor’s recent aphasia diagnosis, the organization rescinded the honor.

What Sparked the Online Backlash for the Razzies?

Rescinding the award was a great gesture from the organization. But before the good gesture was announced, the Razzies put out a tweet following the Willis family announcing his retirement due to his medical condition. Unfortunately, several followers took issue with the tweet leading to an online backlash. See the poorly received message from the award show’s Twitter below.

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How the Razzies Recovered from the Tweet

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