One Of Halle Berry’s Old Movies Hit Number One On Netflix, And Her Reaction Is Great


What do you want to watch tonight? It’s a question that plagues every household, made all the more difficult by the omnipresence of streaming services such as Netflix, AppleTV+ and HBO Max all offering a buffet of choices, whether it be shows on HBO Max that friends are recommending or an upcoming Netflix movie that has been on your radar. Of course, these streaming services also pack together a slew of classic titles, and sometimes those older movies find new life. Which is what happened with a somewhat dated Halle Berry movie which, to be honest, didn’t do so well when it screened in theaters.

Back in 2013, Halle Berry made a movie titled The Call, in which she played a 9-1-1 operator working a call from a kidnapped teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) while also dealing with demons from botched emergency call in her past. This past week, for reasons that are confusing to most people, The Call was the number one movie on Netflix’s viewing charts. And when Berry noticed this, she Tweeted the best reaction.

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