Now Two Years Sober, The Mighty Ducks Vet Shaun Weiss Celebrates Landing First Movie Role Since Getting Healthy


Sobriety is always something to celebrate. When you develop the disease of addiction, it takes a lot of courage and strength to decide when it is time to seek treatment. That is what former child star Shaun Weiss did as he entered recovery. Sober for the past two years, The Mighty Ducks veteran Shaun Weiss has landed his first movie ever since getting healthy. 

Shaun Weiss posted on Instagram a recent photo of himself where he thanked I Can Only Imagine director Jon Erwin and Lionsgate for his first role since he started recovery. What is this role, you may ask? He has secured the part of a war veteran struggling with addiction in the new film Jesus Revolution. This Christian film is about a group of teenage hippies in 1970s Southern California who experience a spiritual awakening. This new role for Weiss can end up being very therapeutic for him like how Ben Affleck was influenced by his past alcoholism for his role in The Way Back.

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