Nic Cage Opens Up About Sentimental Exchange With A Fan Who Connected With One Of His Movies After Their Daughter Died


It’s an amazing feeling to know that one of your films has touched the heart of a fan. Nicolas Cage was fortunate enough to have an experience like that and this time, this fan encounter did not involve a home invasion and a fudgesicle. Nic Cage shares about a sentimental exchange he had with a fan who connected with him on one of his movies after the death of her daughter.

Nicolas Cage has had a massive film career that started in the 1980s with a small part in Fast Times in Ridgemont High that ranged from Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Leaving Las Vegas, and more. One of his films that tugged the heartstrings of one fan was his film with Meg Ryan called City of Angels where he played an angel who wished to be human after falling for a mortal woman. The son of director Francis Ford Coppola spoke to People about this heartwarming exchange.

I had a pretty poignant one last night. I was downstairs in the bar and I met a woman who said hello to me. She said that, sadly, her daughter had died in 1997 in a car accident. However, she said, ‘Your movie came out’ — a movie that I don’t hear about very often, but which is a good movie called City of Angels — ‘and every time I see the movie I feel like I’m with my daughter again,’ because Meg’s character had a car accident in the movie.

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