Nic Cage Compares His Bad Movies To ‘Rock Album Where Most Of It Is Crap’ In Spot-On Comparison


To say that Nicolas Cage has had a great run in Hollywood would be an understatement. During the 1980s and 1990s, he starred in hits like Moonstruck, Raising Arizona and Leaving Las Vegas, which are among Cage’s best movies. We’ve seen him do it all, making us laugh, cry, and scream with excitement while doing so. In the 2010s, though, Cage tackled a lot of video-on-demand films, partially because he needed the money. His 2021 drama, Pig, got major love from audiences and high praise from critics last year. However, even amid that success, Cage remains conscious of the movies that didn’t quite make a splash. With this, he’s made a spot-on comparison regarding his bad movies and rock albums.

In recent years, Nicolas Cage’s video-on-demand films like Primal and Jiu Jitsu have released to varied reception. While you would think critically panned movies like these would result in regret on Cage’s part, that isn’t the case, as evidenced by an interview he did with IndieWire. If anything, he’s found the perfect way to sum up his poorly received outings: 

I started making movies that were streaming before it was cool. I knew they would have a life. I could find these scenes I wanted to play, not unlike a rock album where maybe most of it is crap but you’ve got one song you want to sing. I could find one or two good scenes in these scripts that I was proud of and I stand by that. I do feel that the work I’ve done has been sincere even though not all the movies have worked as a whole.

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