Months After Suing Johnny Knoxville And Co. In Jackass Lawsuit, Bam Margera Has Seemingly Settled


In recent months, not everything has been super positive in the world of Jackass. While members of the troupe recently reunited for Jackass Forever, the movie having success at the box office and receiving a warm response from critics, there has been on-going strife because of the lawsuit that was filed by Bam Margera last August over a contract dispute. At long last, however, it sounds like there may be some peace, as there is a new report that suggests that Margera is now settling legal matter.

This news comes to us from TMZ, which is reporting the new information based on court documents that the outlet claims to have acquired. According to the the material, Margera is being asked to “dismiss the lawsuit” and the site claims “all signs point to a settlement.”

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