Matthew McConaughey’s Wife Camila Alves Opens Up About Why They Don’t Live In Hollywood Anymore


It hasn’t been a secret that many celebrities have been leaving Hollywood for greener pastures. While Chris Hemsworth and Zac Efron have made headlines for moving to Australia, they weren’t the first or the last Hollywood stars to leave Los Angeles behind. Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey has been on the departing train for some time. After relocating to Texas in 2020, it seemed the Sing 2 actor and his family are content with living in his home state. His wife Camila Alves opened up about why they don’t live in Hollywood anymore.

Before the family left Hollywood for the actor’s backyard, they were stationed in the beach community of Malibu for several years. Before marrying Alves, the Oscar winner spent many years living in a streamlined trailer in the area. The power couple uprooted their brood to Austin, Texas during Hollywood’s massive shutdown in 2020. It seemed like the McConaugheys aren’t moving back to LA anytime soon after unloading their Malibu property the same year. But it appeared the entrepreneur and her actor husband was done with the LA lifestyle beforehand as Alves said:

We lived in Malibu for many years and having the paparazzi outside our door every day – every single day – when that becomes your normal, you don’t realize how much that’s actually affecting the things you do until you actually leave and get out of it. The kids get to have a private way of growing up. So, from that perspective, it was very important.

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