Mark Wahlberg Says He Can Do More Pull-Ups Than The Rock, And Your Move Dwayne Johnson


As anyone who’s on social media knows Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to constantly working out in the gym. Wahlberg is always posting shirtless selfies online to show off his hard work. His gym routine rivaled those of his Pain & Gain co-star The Rock. While both actors are serious about their fitness, the Ted actor felt like he had an arm up over his former co-star. The actor stated he can do more pull-ups than the Hollywood star… it’s your move now, Dwayne Johnson.  

The Hollywood actor made his claim while being interviewed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The daytime talks show host fired off a series of questions to the actor, which included who was better at pull-ups. The Uncharted actor wasn’t afraid to stake his pull-up supremacy over The Rock. As he put it,

Oh, I could do more pull-ups than The Rock. I dunno, I did 25 here with a pair of Timberland boots for charity. But the max I do is probably like, 40, but clean ones. Clean ones!

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