Margot Robbie’s Barbie Movie Has Cast Will Ferrell In What Sounds Like The Perfect Role


After Amy Schumer exited the Barbie movie in 2017 due to creative differences, the upcoming movie based on the famous toyline moved from Sony Pictures to Warner Bros. Pictures a year later. When summer 2019 rolled around, The Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie was confirmed to be the new cinematic Barbie, and over the last several months, we’ve been learning who will be joining her in the main cast. The latest addition to the lineup is Will Ferrell, and his reported role sounds like it’s a perfect fit for him.

Officially speaking, it hasn’t been announced who Will Ferrell is playing in Barbie, only that he’s closed a deal. That said, THR has heard from a source that there is a “meta aspect” to the Barbie movie, and that Ferrell will be playing the CEO of a toy company “that may or may not be Mattel,” the company that owns the Barbie toyline in real life.

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