Machine Gun Kelly Went Undercover And Got To Hear Fans Unfiltered Opinions About Him And His Wedding To Megan Fox


As Machine Gun Kelly has skyrocketed into mainstream stardom, he’s gained a specific perception from the public, which the Internet likes to make fun of, especially when it comes to his relationship with Megan Fox. Following a number of social posts between the couple, a lot of people like to joke about the engaged pair exchanging blood and morphing souls. It makes for the perfect time for MGK to go undercover and see how people really think about him.

With the help of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Machine Gun Kelly transformed into a brown-haired, glasses and suit-wearing alter ego, who took to the streets of Hollywood to ask random people what they think of him to his face. Here’s one unfiltered opinion MGK heard while standing beside a Hollywood and Highland pedestrian: 

I like his music. I find the whole blood-drinking thing a bit unusual. … I’d say [to MGK] congratulations on the wedding. Please don’t sacrifice a goat at it.

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