Lori Harvey Talks ‘Working Out’ With Michael B. Jordan, And How He Teased Her About Her Routine Until He Tried It Himself


Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan have been couples’ goals for a minute now. Whether it’s through their vacation pics or shutting down the red carpet, the Hollywood couple has been incredibly adorable and stunning. But like any famous pair, the movie star and his girlfriend work to make time for each other and, occasionally, they work out together. With this, Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter talked about working out with and being teased by her famous beau about her routine until he tried it.

The rising entrepreneur brought up the power couple’s workout experience during a makeup tutorial on makeup artist Patrick Starr’s YouTube channel. One can imagine that it’s interesting whenever Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are able to hit the gym together. And this was especially true when the Without Remorse actor initially clowned one of his lady love’s routines:

Working out is really important for me. I feel like working out for me, it’s my ‘me’ time … I feel like I’m doing something for me that’s benefitting me in the long run. … If he [Michael B. Jordan] has time, we’ll work out together, but our schedules are always so insane. We had a period where we were working out together. When I started pilates, he was like, ‘Mmm…OK, that little workout you’re doing is not that serious.’

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