Liam Neeson Explains What Happened With Those Comments He Was Retiring From Action Movies


Liam Neeson has been known for throwing punches in a number of action films.  Neeson’s best movies include action flicks like Taken, The Commuter, and Non-Stop. It has been an ongoing inner battle with The Grey star in whether or not his time with action films has come to an end. As of right now, Liam Neeson explains the recent comments he made on retiring from action movies.

This beloved Irish actor has stated in the past about being almost done with action movies, and that his time kicking ass would stop by the time he’s 64. Well, he’s now 69 and is still around for the action-packed fun. Liam Neeson explained to The New York Post what his intentions were when he said he was retiring from the action genre:

That was a joke. That was at the Toronto Film Festival a few years ago … One of the Hollywood Foreign Press said, ‘Liam, what is it with you and these action movies?’ I said, ‘I was stubborn … [but] I’ve had enough of action movies.’ But I meant it as a joke.

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