Kevin Hart Was Forced To Live With Jason Segel For A While, And The Forgetting Sarah Marshall Actor Recalls How Hart Was The Hardest Working Guy In The Business Even Then


In Hollywood, it isn’t hard to imagine certain actors working together on projects that never caught on. One such show is the classic college comedy Undeclared., which can be streamed with an Amazon Prime subscription. The show was the brainchild of Judd Apatow as a follow-up to another cult classic – NBC’s Freaks and Geeks, which Jason Segel starred in, among many others. Of course, some Freaks and Geeks actors filtered over to the underrated Fox comedy. This led to Segel and a then-unknown Kevin Hart becoming roommates, and even as a Hollywood newbie, the How I Met Your Mother star recalled how the Jumanji: Next Level actor was the hardest working guy in the business.

Their real-life situation mirrored their characters in the college-centric comedy. Kevin Hart played Bible-thumping co-ed Luke opposite Jason Segel’s copy shop owner Eric. The comedic actors played well off each other during the series’ short run. That was part of Apatow’s master plan, according to Segel. The actor spilled on Jimmy Kimmel Live! how the whole scenario played out: 

It was a strange time. We were all so young, and none of us had had much success yet. And Judd Apatow, in a weird move, made Kevin Hart live with me for like six months. He was like, ‘Oh this would be good for the show if Kevin Hart lives with you.’ And I just lived in a one-bedroom apartment. So, all the sudden Kevin Hart was just living with me. And he’d be like, ‘Hey man, are you making breakfast? I’d like some too.’ Then, I’m making breakfast for Kevin Hart… block: One of my prize memories is somewhere I have a check for Kevin Hart that says like $7.48, phone bill. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as Kevin Hart works. We would be out doing stuff, being young dudes, and he would stay at home and write and write and write. And you would think like, ‘That’s cute,’ and then you realize, ‘Oh, that’s how you do it. That’s how someone ends up being Kevin Hart.’

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