Jurassic World Dominion’s Jeff Goldblum Had An Entire Book Of Improvisations For Ian Malcolm, Because Of Course


Life finds a way to bring chaos to the table, especially when you’re Jurassic Park veteran Jeff Goldblum. With a wry grin, an air of authority and a one-liner or two ready for the room, the actor’s portrayal of Dr. Ian Malcolm has always walked a line between fear and laughter in the Michael Crichton-based saga. While we know quite a bit about Jurassic World Dominion, what’s new to us is the fact that Jeff Goldblum actually had an entire book of improvised lines on hand during the shoot, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

The continued coverage of Empire’s Jurassic World Dominion issue has revealed another gem from behind the scenes of co-writer/director Colin Trevorrow’s conclusion to the Jurassic World trilogy. Part of those festivities was an interview with Goldblum, who readily admitted to having a book of improvisations. Consider the following example from The Book of Goldblum: 

I have a book! Oh boy, I have a ton of them. I’ll just tell you one… We’re on a computer trying to fix something or other, and somebody says, ‘Uh-oh, it’s started flashing Error 99.’ And before Mamoudou [Athie]’s character comes in and explains, I was gonna slip in, very quickly, the line, ‘Error 99? Is it Barbara Feldon?’ Now, Barbara Feldon was an agent in Get Smart, a television series from 1962 or something, who played Agent 99. So, a lot of my ideas have to do with references that are totally irrelevant and of no interest or amusement to anybody who could possibly be watching a movie, and inappropriate to the scene. But it tickled me.

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