Josh Brolin Explains Why He’s ‘Very Happy’ He Turned Down Jurassic World Role That Later Went To Chris Pratt


Before Chris Pratt became the lead of the Jurassic World trilogy, Josh Brolin was considered for Owen Grady, with 2013 reports claiming he was in “early talks” for the role prior. Ahead of the dinosaur blockbusters wrapping up this summer with the release of Jurassic World: Dominion, Brolin is getting honest about why he’s “very happy” that he stepped away from the big opportunity.

When he received the opportunity for the Colin Trevorrow-directed dino adventure, Josh Brolin soon to a realization. In his words: 

Jurassic World, with all respect to Steven [Spielberg], I could not picture me doing it. I could not picture me being that guy. And I’m very, very happy based on my decision of what Chris [Pratt] does with it, because I think Chris is the right guy.

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