Johnny Depp Had His Own Ideas For Ending The Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise, Until Disney Put The Film In ‘Dangle Mode’


Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard continues and as part of Johnny Depp’s testimony we have learned a little about the actor’s own thoughts about the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It seems that, had Disney decided not to move forward without him, we would likely still be seeing the end of Captain Jack Sparrow sooner rather than later.

The Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise is core to the entire defamation case that Johnny Depp filled against Amber Heard. He claims her Washington Post op-ed from 2018  in which she revealed that she had previously suffered from domestic abuse caused Disney to drop Depp from the Pirates movies. While Heard never mentioned her alleged abuser by name, it was widely understood to be Depp she was referring to. 

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