John Wick: The Musical? A New Mashup Makes A Brilliant Case For Why It Should Happen


At face value, John Wick doesn’t exactly scream being adaptable into a musical. After all, the first movie is about a retired assassin who hunts down the criminals who killed his dog any anyone connected to them; does that sound like a story worth singing out? Well, thanks to a new mashup, maybe we should reconsider if Keanu Reeves’ action franchise should get the musical treatment.

The John Wick movies are distributed by Lionsgate, the same studio that delivered La La Land to the masses in 2016. Over on the Lionsgate Instagram page, there’s a video of some John Wick: Chapter 2 snippets playing to the tune of “Another Day of Sun” from La La Land’s opening scene, and it’s actually a decent combination. See for yourself:

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