Jack Black Shares Thoughts On Why School Of Rock Remains Popular Nearly 20 Years Later


It’s been nearly 20 years since audiences were taught to “stick it to the man” in The School of Rock. It is, after all, Jack Black’s top-ranked movie for a reason. But what is the reason? Jack Black shares why he thinks The School of Rock retains its popularity nearly 20 years later.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, this comedic actor shared that he thought a lot about The School of Rock while working on another Richard Linklater collaboration film, Apollo 10 ½. Even though Jack Black felt like both films were different from each other, he still believes that Apollo 10 ½ still had the same humor, genius, and realism that The School of Rock had.

I thought a lot about School of Rock while we were making this movie, because that’s a Richard Linklater joint as well, and that’s when we first met. He brought that same kind of realism and humor and genius to both projects. Even though they’re very different movies, there’s that Richard Linklater DNA.

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