How Many Oscars Will Dune Win?


Dune is easily one of the most impressive cinematic spectacles of 2021. The Academy clearly agrees, having awarded the film with 10 nominations, including one in every single technical category, and most importantly in Best Picture. When big budget sci-fi epics receive that kind of attention, they almost never leave the ceremony empty handed. Or, in the case of Mad Max: Fury Road and Gravity, with a bucket of Oscars. So, which of Dune’s nominations will it win?

Sure Things

Let’s get the slam-dunks out of the way. Dune was prophesied to win the Visual Effects Oscar back in the Bronze Age. It’s not merely “likely” to happen, it’s the only possible outcome in the category. Nearly as likely is Dune securing Best Sound. Dune’s sound design is integral to its epic feel, and no film last year rattled theater seats more.

Hans Zimmer’s magnificent score is just about inseparable from the overall experience of Dune. I struggle to think of a nominee in any crafts branch whose work has been more discussed and widely appreciated. Zimmer is very likely to win his second Oscar, his first since The Lion King in 1994. Crazy to think he only has one, considering his incredible body of work. This category has clear a runner-up in Jonny Greenwood for his work in The Power of the Dog, but Zimmer is still miles out front.

Rebecca Ferguson in Dune

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Strong Possibilities

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