How Insidious Director James Wan Celebrated The Horror Film’s 11th Anniversary


Can you believe that the beloved horror franchise Insidious turns 11 this year? It seems like only yesterday that the trailer for Insidious appeared during the opening previews. The franchise’s director, James Wan, could not be more proud of his memorable project. Here is how Wan celebrated the 11th anniversary of Insidious

James Wan posted on Instagram a photo of the lipstick-face demon from the horror franchise. In his caption, he said that he wanted to stay away from disturbing traps from his previous film Saw and do something with astral projection and dimension traveling. Wan and his screenwriter and actor, Leigh Whannell, decided to make their own version of a ghost story for little money in order to have creative control over the project. 

After Saw, I wanted to shake the “torture-porn” label and do something less graphic and more atmospheric. Being huge fans of ghost stories and haunted houses, Leigh Whannell and I wanted to do our own version of those films, and felt we could make it for very little money to retain complete creative control. We felt the most important thing the film needed was to be scary, and so we dove into the creepy world of astral projection (a subject matter that fascinates me) and dimension-traveling.

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