How Channing Tatum Got Ripped For Lost City, According To The Directors


Channing Tatum has been rocking an impressive build for years now, between his roles in the Jump Street and Magic Mike films. In his latest movie, The Lost City, he showed us he’s still in crazy great shape. The romantic comedy saw Tatum sharing some great and funny chemistry with Sandra Bullock (whom he has no problem roasting). Well, do you wonder how the actor got ripped for The Lost City? The directors have recently shared a bit from his process. 

Of course, it should be noted that when actors are seen on screen with massive muscles, i.e. six packs and such, it is the result of months of training and nutritionists often telling them exactly what to eat. In other words, looking hot is very much part of their job. But as Aaron and Adam Nee remember it, Channing Tatum was not super excited about his pick of food. In Adam Nee’s words: 

We just like, tortured him to get into shape on this movie. He worked so hard. Like, watching him eat his chicken and rice with just, like, no salt and a little bit of butter every day and the sad look on his face, but he would swim two miles in the ocean every day so he’d be walking around the beach looking beautiful.

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