Homeschooling Came Up In Josh Duggar’s Trial, And It Could Have An Impact On His Family


Josh Duggar is currently behind bars awaiting sentencing after being found guilty on two child pornography-related charges. The former 19 Kids and Counting star could face both jail time and hefty fines once sentenced, but depending on how his sentencing shakes out, a wrinkle that came up during his trial may have a direct impact on his family’s home life. This idea? Homeschooling. 

The Duggar family famously homeschools their children as part of adhering to their devout Christian beliefs. Jim Bob and Michelle homeschooled Josh, and even during his child pornography trial the homeschooling came into play. In fact, a transcript from the case (via Without A Crystal Ball) notes the former reality star’s legal team tried to argue his homeschooling meant that Duggar didn’t have the knowledge base to understand how to use “command codes” to get the child pornography onto the computer at the used car lot that was central to this case. In his opening statement, Justin Gelfand said:

But you’re going to learn that when it comes to formal education, computer sophistication, he was homeschooled by his parents, Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle. At 16 years old, he earned his GED and never received any additional formal education. He’s done well for himself. He opened a used car lot. He sold cars. But, members of the Jury, here’s the important thing. There’s no evidence on Earth that Josh knew what these command codes were, because he didn’t.

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