Helen Mirren Is Addicted To Wordle Too (And She’s Dang Good At It)


While mobile games can be fun and entertaining, there are also particular games out there that can enrich your brain activity. Word games are a great way to improve your mental fitness, and there’s one Academy Award winner who would agree. Dame Helen Mirren has been addicted to the popular word game Wordle, and is dang good at it too.

To know why Helen Mirren is addicted to this game, it would help if you’ve played Wordle or you won’t know what I’m talking about. Wordle is a daily word game where you guess the word of the day. Players wget clues about letter placements and if that letter is even part of the word. Page Six attended Helen Mirren’s movie premiere for her new film The Duke at the Tribeca Screening Room where she could not hold back her love of Wordle. While you get six tries to guess the word of the day, The Queen actress can guess it in three! While she explained that it took her a long time to be able to get to that point, that’s more than I can do. Not only does Helen Mirren do Wordle during her spare time, but she also tackles Italian classes. Well, this can come in handy if a future project takes her to Italy.

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