Hayley Atwell Just Shared A Ridiculous-Looking Costume That Seems To Be From Mission: Impossible 7 Or 8, Promises ‘It’s Worth The Wait’


Two new Mission: Impossible movies starring Tom Cruise have been in the works since 2019 (shortly following the success of Fallout), but I know what you’re thinking. “So, where is it?” Four years would typically be more than enough time for Mission: Impossible 7 to be ready, but numerous COVID-19 release delays and Cruise’s push for a massive big-screen release have stalled its arrival. While we continued to wait, at least the franchise’s newcomer Hayley Atwell is assuring fans it’s “worth the wait” alongside some costumes hijinks. 

The Captain America actress, who is set to play a large role in both Mission: Impossible 7 and 8, took to Instagram to share a ridiculous and hilarious costume she tried on while making one of them. Check it: 

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