Hamilton Star Has Started Its Own ‘Feud’ With Hugh Jackman After Calling Him Out At The Curtain Call, And Wolverine Accepted


Actor Hugh Jackman has had a long and celebrated career, both on the stage and screen. And through it all he’s known as a super likable guy, despite his ongoing “feud” with Ryan Reynolds. Now a Hamilton star has started another faux feud with Jackman after calling him out at the curtain call. And Wolverine accepted.

Said call out occurred after a recent performance of Hamilton on Broadway, where Burr actor Nik Walker asked audiences to donate to the ongoing fundraiser for Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS. Hugh Jackman and the company at The Music Man have been raising a ton of money themselves, leading to some friendly smack talk about the legendary X-Man. And the video got Jackman’s attention, leading him to share it on Instagram with a heart GIF. As Walker put it,

Your time has come bro. We’re coming for you at Hamilton. He’s not gonna win. Wolverine’s not gonna win. As you exit the building you’ll see people holding bright red buckets. And into those buckets we ask that you thrust your cash, your checks, if you want to use your credit cards go back to the bar, and swipe your credit cards back there. We have amazing QR codes on your programs there… That’ll take you to our donation page. Not the Wolverine’s. Ours.

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