Friday’s Faizon Love Shares His Thoughts On Jada Pinkett Smith Boycotting The Oscars… Until Will Smith Was Nominated


Actor Faizon Love is not exactly one to hold back his opinion on things that bother him. This week, the Friday and Couples Retreat actor spoke about the time when celebrities were planning to boycott the 88th Academy Awards over lack of diversity. One of those celebrities was Jada Pinkett Smith. Now, following the eventful 2022 Oscars ceremony, Friday’s Faizon Love shared his thoughts on Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting the Academy Awards until her husband, Will Smith, got nominated. 

In 2016, a big topic of discussion was the longstanding awards ceremony  only nominating white actors in the four major categories. After Will Smith was snubbed for his lead role in Concussion that year, Jada Pinkett Smith took a stand by not attending the Oscar ceremony. On VladTV, Faizon Love expressed his irritation at Jada Pinkett Smith for ending her boycott after her husband, Will Smith, got nominated for Best Actor for King Richard.

She just told motherfuckers ‘Fuck the Oscars. We boycotting the Oscars.’ I was like, ’I don’t watch ‘em, I don’t give a fuck.’ Now, I forgot what movie Will did and you know, they didn’t see whatever the Oscars, so she’s like, ‘We’re boycotting the Oscars.’ That year, Chris [Rock] was hosting. She asked him to step down, step down from feeding your family. Now, when you say that [you aren’t going over lack of diversity], when you say that you can’t come when you get nominated!

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