Fresh Prince Star Tatyana Ali Opens Up About Love For Will Smith, But Shares Honest Thoughts On Oscars Brouhaha


Even excluding all the 2022 Academy Awards winners, the latest Oscars ceremony was a wild night. Will Smith slapped Chris Rock onstage for joking about his wife’s bald look, only for him to win Best Actor after. Ever since then, a number of celebrities and people on social media cannot stop talking about this incident. Will Smith’s former co-star Tatyana Ali, who played Cousin Ashley in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, shared her love for Smith, but also gave her honest thoughts about what happened at the Oscars.

Tatyana Ali posted on Twitter that she loves Will Smith very much, but that Chris Rock did not deserve to be slapped. She expressed her confusion regarding what caused the chaos, but believes that Smith has a big heart. She believes in Smith, as she has seen him try his best to do what is right. Read her thoughts for yourself below:

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